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What did you all think of the race Saturday Night at Richmond?

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BQ 2: What did you all think of the Jimmie and Kurt feud?

Also check out this blog page my girl writes these and she is really good Junior Nation this is a must see for you guys

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    i thought it Saturday night demolition derby

    BQ 1"made it by that much"

    BQ 2 i think its great hype for the chase

    lets see what Chicagoland brings it will be a media circus at the speedway in Joliet i hope i can avoid most of it..not Pits could be packed !!!

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    particular, I watched. i did no longer like the start of the race. It became no longer something extra beneficial than a destroy fest, it is a few thing that I hate. The restarts, on the different hand, have been fairly extreme. They have been all racing like it became the final lap all for the period of the race. I enjoyed that action, yet returned, i do in contrast to all the cautions that, that reasons. No, i do no longer desire the two of them dumped in the Chase. If it had to happen, i might desire the 40 8 dumping the 22, although. i do no longer shelter the two of the Busch brothers. i think of this is going to be an extremely exciting element to observe. they're the two somewhat confusing headed, and lose their tempers fairly unquestionably. If it keeps, they'd positioned one yet another out of rivalry this 12 months. that is what opens the door for a sparkling champion this 12 months, who is conscious.

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    It was Groovy!

    JR. : Why can't I get green M&M's only............

    Boys have at it !................

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