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If you are not judgmental at all, please really help me out Thank you so much?

I want to forgive a plenty of people in my past. These past three years have been quite ugly, make it four years. I have had a lot of "close" friends and boyfriends really screw me over. Some of my supposed friends have stolen from me, revealed my most personal secrets, etc. Really horrible stuff. I have cut them all off, but I am trying to change my promiscuous ways, the guys I hooked up with who I never thought I would see again, keep reappearing in my life. I am very scared of the last guy I hooked up with. I know how malicious he can be. I am afraid of running to him again, I know he will embarrass me in front of everyone or say something extremely disrespectful. I want to change and forget completely about my past forever like it never existed. What can I do?

How can I forgive and forget and start a new life for myself?


Oh thank you Natalie

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    You can't erase the past, so instead of trying to forget about it, think about it and think about what you've learned from all this.

    You can't really start a completely new life, but stick to good habits and with some time, these good decisions and habits will gradually become your new life, if you know what I mean.

    Hope I helped, all the best!

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    Although I was never the promiscuous type.. I got to a point in my life where I wanted to be rid of all the negative people in my life. Well, some of those people were my own family. Eventually, I did what I had to do.. My phone number has been changed and I have moved to a new address. I still speak with my immediate family, but there are some other members who I choose not to speak with. However, my husband has completely cut off his family and we don't speak to them any longer.

    My advice is if you don't want those negative people in your life then make some changes. Don't be so promiscuous for starts.. respect yourself more than that. If this one guy does bother you or seems dangerous at all.. or just won't leave you alone you can always inform them that if they don't leave you alone you will be filing a restraining order.. it usually scares them off.

    But I think the main thing you should do is stop hooking up with these guys and get these negative people out of your life.

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    The past can't be changed, learn that. You can however change yourself for the future. Talk to the people who hurt you and tell them you forgive them for being a horrible person and move on. Start changing what you don't like, like being promiscuous. If people try to bring you down for your past don't let it get to you, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. You can only move away if you don't want to deal with that guy. Unless you're over 18 and have money to do so you can't.

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