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Dark Brown Hair wanting to go medium-brown/red cost?

I have really dark brown hair. My eyebrows are black. My 1 year old daughter has the prettiest color hair. Its brown but has a lot of red in it. I love her hair color. And Im tired of my hair. I tried to dye it at home. The box had a match to my daughters hair but my hair now looks like a almost black shade of red :(. So how much would it cost to dye my hair a medium brown/red? Im assuming my hair would have to be bleached/stripped. I would get it done at the Hair place at Walmart. Also how much would it cost to do my eyebrows?


Here is a picture of my daughter. I love how her hair looks!

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    you daughter is so cute and her hair is very pretty. I don't think i would trust the wal-mart ppl to do such treatments. find a salon to go to and yes your hair will proably need to be stipped. most salons will bleach eyebrows for about $8, just depends on where you get it done at. the hair dye is used to bleach.

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    Your hair can naturally turn that color if it is exposed to chlorine on a regular basis.

    This just means go swimming very frequently, thats how my friends hair turned

    from black to brownish red. btw it would cost about $30

    Awww.... your daughter is soo cute!!!

    You're right, she does have a very nice hair color:D

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