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How can I gain weight healthily?

I'm 23, 5'3, and weight 100 lbs. I'm way too skinny and I'd like to put on at least 5-10 lbs. It's really difficult for me to put on weight. I can eat and eat and not gain an ounce. I'm not a big meat eater and I need to watch my sodium intake, so I can't eat too much junk food. Any ideas on how to put on a few pounds while still eating heathily?


I've always been this thin, I did lose a few pounds from a medication I was on a few weeks ago just because it made me too tired to actually eat, but other than that I haven't really lost much weight.

And I've been drinking protein shakes like they're going out of style and I never work out, except for walking.

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    Yes. You can gain weight by eating more calories from each food group. Please visit to learn more about healthy eating from all the food groups that's geared toward you individually. You could also try adding a Slim Fast (or similar) shake to some of your meals. It will give you extra calories, plus nutrition-vitamins and minerals. If you've lost much weight recently, I'd suggest a doctor's visit to rule out any medical causes. Hope this helps you. For more health information/tips, please visit my blog at:

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    Are you exercise? If so take protein and weight attain dietary supplements, it is a lot more fit than simply consuming plenty of meals. It'll pile at the energy, such a lot of which which convert to muscle. Not certain how swiftly it will occur for you but when you are coaching difficult within the health club generally simply a few weeks.

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    9 years ago

    If you want to put on weight, you need to start eating meat and get protein. If you dont want to do that, just drink protein shakes and dont work out after. Youll gain weight quickly beleive me.

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    Peanuts are very good for you and high in fat. Once I became like addicted to peanuts and had the little packets for lunch and wondered why I was gaining weight because I was eating healthy. Just things like that. Eggs too, they are healthy but high in fat.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well you shoud try eating lots of bread ..

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  • 9 years ago

    protien, carbs and good fats.

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