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What do I do this problem?

I am having a problem so I have been going to counseling at my college for self esteem issues and shyness.One of the assignments the counselor asked me to do is ask a question or answer a question in one of my classes but I get so nervous I don't even know what to ask. I am afraid of asking the wrong question or making a mistake

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    Self-esteem is actually a trait that is very easily adjusted. In addition, many people have similar problems to yours because they always feel like they're being judged, like your problem with speaking up in class. Really, this fear isn't justifiable. Try to make at least one comment, answer, question, or remark in each of your classes. They don't even have to be very significant or long, you could simply state that you agree or disagree with something. The result will almost never involve being verbally attacked by your peers, and I think you'll soon find that people actually do value your opinions.

    Perhaps you are setting your standards for how people look at you too high. In fact, the more you concentrate on what you need to do, the more you think of reasons you won't be able to do it. Of course, these reasons are also usually absurd and avoidable. Focus more on what you do have and consider carefully what you want to do in a very short term, like "I want to be able to hand in my homework within the next five minutes when class starts." Recall your past successes with handing in your homework on a regular basis. You'll be able to work up enough courage to hand it in, and using this method, be able to function in many social situations.

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    I was in the same predicament. I never spoke in class though 12 years of school even though I got excellent grades. I was terminally shy even though I knew most of the answers.

    In college, I ran into a teacher that only called on people who didn't raise their hands so I was in a quandary just in case he used reverse psychology and called on me. So, I decided to play by his rules and raised my hand frequently even though I hated to speak in public -- something that no longer bothers me by the way.

    After rolling the dice for a few days, he did call on me. I couldn't think of the answer because I was so nervous so I asked if I could be excused to go to the restroom. That one stumped him and got me through the experience. I got a lot of positive feedback from the class afterward and it helped me overcome my unreasonable shyness. I am still shy but not to that degree and I have one great story how I beat my shyness without having to deal with talking in front of the class.

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    theres no such thing as asking a wrong question! You just gotta go for it. Good luck!

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