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Is it possible to keep an English Springer Spaniel and pet rabbits?

My family have decided to get a family pet dog and think a field English Springer Spaniel could be the best choice. The only thing is I have two pet rabbits who are often in their run in our garden, they are quite large rabbits.

Would it be possible for the Springer not to attack them, if they were introduced when the Springer was a new pup?

I have a friend who has a rabbit and a Blue Roan Cocker spaniel who are the best of friends, but with Springers being hunting dogs, would it be impossible to take killing the rabbits out of his nature?


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    i have three dogs ones a doberman he loves anything that moves basically its not impossible if its a puppy you just have to always watch closely when the dogs is near the rabbits

    Source(s): i have dogs a rabbit a cat and rabbit
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