Husband loaned friend/ old coworker some tools now they don't work, what to do?

so my husband as a favor to an old co-worker and friend, went to his house and helped him lay some wood floor. They didn't get it all done, so my husband left 3 saws there and a few hand tools, for the friend to finish up the floor and then return when he is done. that was about 2 weeks ago. he called and said that one of the saws broke, it started making a weird sound after he used it for a while and now it won't work. what should we do??? I fell bad cause I know he didn't mean to break it, but he also isn't a real smart guy, and the saw cost around $600 we bought it about 5 months ago. What to do?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Dear Red,

    That co-worker is morally responsible for not only returning the items that were loaned out to him in good faith, but also in normal working condition. I believe he is obligated to either repair these saws or replace them at the value of what they were worth when he had them in his possession. This would not only be unfair to you and your husband, but I think he shouldn't even have to asked what he plans to do about this situation. If for some reason he decides not to step up to the plate. I would probably exit him from my life. it goes to show he couldn't have been much of a friend let alone an honest and noble one. If you wanted to take it one step further, you could also take him to smalll claims court. And ask the judge to award you the cost of this equipment. I hope it doesn't have to come to this. I sure as heck wouldn't loan him another thing ever.

    Let us know,


  • 9 years ago

    See if the saw is still under warranty. If so, it sounds like it won't be much of an issue. Many of the professional tool manufacturers have two or more years warranty coverage.

    Otherwise, the guy that broke it should have it fixed by an authorized shop.

  • 9 years ago

    .Return it (saw) to place of purchase and receive either a refund or a new saw.As the item must still have the manufacturer's guarantee

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It should be under warranty . Is it not ?

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