When would President Mitt Romney issue an executive order opening Yucca Mountain?

There has been no nuke power plants since the 70's, a big reason for that is no permanent depository for spent rods. Nuke power should be an environmentalist dream since no Co2, soot etc. Nuke power would transform the electric coal cars (like the Chevy Volt) into real green cars.


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    The Palo Verde site is at Wintersberg, Arizona, 34 miles west of Phoenix. Units 1 and 2 went commercial in 1986 and Unit 3 in 1988. PVNGS is the largest Nuclear Generating Station in the United States. Three units on more than 1200MWe per unit.

    I worked in containment for refueling outage 2 in 1991 and worked in containment during refueling of Units 1 and 2. I started at that plant in 1990. Actually the plant is closer to 60 miles West of Central Phoenix (by the highway) I drove that every day for 12 years.

    edit low IQ Bach you are not being thumbed down on the facts but you are being thumbed down on your RANT about prices sky rocketing because of the nuclear generating. The bad news for liberals like you is that nuclear generation Is rated by most studies as the least expensive form of generation,

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    Mitt the turn flop is a tax dogger and in basic terms will pay 12% of taxes together as the yank people pay 24% so what does that permit you be attentive to, united states of america of america is off greater suitable with the present President. Presidnet Obama, Mitt is a valueless reason, if he could have been elected many unfavourable issues could have got here approximately to the 40 seven% remark he made. SO who ever made up the submit of no longer desiring President Obama as Presidnet fairly than this sorry piece of Caca Mitt the turn flop I sure to variety.

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    I don't like the idea of executive orders. Why in the hell would any American? Why would we want our president to be a dictator?

  • theres no point to stifling nuclear power's expansion, all that remains essentially are coal and petro plants, which in addition to causing greater environmental degradation cause many many more deaths

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    Comanche Peak #1 and 2 came on-line in 1990.

    South Texas #1 and 2 came on-line in the late 1980s (sending electricity prices skyrocketing)

    Diablo Canyon came on-line in the 1980s.

    These are just the ones I can cite off the top of my head.


    Facts = Thumbs down from low-IQ connies.

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