When to ask a girl to a dance?

I'm a senior in high school and I want this to be the best year of highschool. I'm also pretty shy and quite. I met this girl once and we txt just about everyday. Winter formal is coming up in January and i was wondering how many weeks or months ahead of time should I ask her to the dance? I was also wondering how I should ask her since we met once? Please help thanks

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    9 years ago
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    Ask her maybe 2 months in advance. That way you could go on some dates in between and hang out with her. Just say "Can I take you to the winter formal?"

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    I say ask her not to soon cuz that will be like jumpin the gun, but you should ask her at least a few weeks ahead of time so she has time to go shopping with friends for a dress and everything. For how to ask her... I say make is casual there fore she doesnt feel preassure like it is some huge date. That way it can start out casual but latermove into something more if you would like. And you have to come up with a creative way by yourself or it isnt creative. Good luckkk

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    Just keep talking to her. Try going out with her, ask her to a date dinner movies. I would say December Would be an ok time to ask her. Best of luck!

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    I think you guys need to hang out and become friends firts, its in january. and were in september.! Lol, thats in four months, plenty of time to get to know her better, and possibly even date her, (: I dont thin the dance is the first think that needs to be on your mind. youve already got talking down, maybe you should say, "as corney and as this may be, haha. I was just wondering if you'd like to hang out with me sometime after school to do homework together" or any other ay you'd like to word that, and maybe you can become good friends or like i said maybe date, and i think you should ask her to the dance in december, thats when peple start to worry about dances, about a month in advance, just one day ask her, do you like to dance? (maybe you could ask her to play random questions. its like you ask anything from whats your favortie color? to best restruant, to Would you ever date me? haha,)

    You could be playing that game, and ask her if she likes to dance, she might say, yeah but im not that good, or kinda, or even not really. if she says yes, you can say, 'haha, cool :) would you like a night of dancing with me, like the winter formal this year?"

    if she says yes but im not that good, you could say, "haha, you dont have to be the greatest at dancing to do the wobble dance.. :)

    she might ask what the wobble dance is, and you can say, youd put your arns on my shoulders, i put my hands on your waist, and we move side to side.., We could try that out at the wniter formal this year if you'd like. :)

    if she says not really to likeing dancing,

    you could say "You dont? I'm sure I could change that :) You could test my skills at the winter formal with me if you'd like."

    or something like that! haha, sorry i put so much, i just want to make you feel confident, because not knowing what to say can really freak you out when it comnes to someone you like, And since you;re shy i know its harder when talking to someone being in fear of regection,

    best of luck to you, and happy dancing!!


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  • 9 years ago

    you should ask her when the gut feels good and when it feels just right belive me youll know

    my fiancee did

    good luck

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