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Should i leave a guy who cant put out? ?

So I have been with my daughter's father on and off for three years... sex with him has become a chore. He can't keep an erection anymore. The only way he can keep an erection is if he's on the bottom. And I know it's not me... I get hit on a lot. Not to be stuck up. Is this a good reason to leave him? And ladies what would you do?

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    its a hard one look at your daughter think shes 16 or 17 and she asks you "mom way did you live dad"

    is it because you didn't love him or because he cant put out idk think about it but ill ask one last question what kind of man do you want i don't now wat kind of man your daughters father is but if you don't love him not like him think his handsome i mean love him any more leave him but ill tell you don't look back leave him for good because if you go back then your being selfish and not thinking of your daughter

  • Grubs
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    So loving him doesn't come into it then and then there is how he feels about it. What a sad reason to leave a man. Has he checked out his options like viagra or maybe he has gone off you. You may think you are all that but maybe your not.

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    You should have been married to him all this time. Shame on the both of you for doing that to your daughter.

    But to answer your question... you sound very shallow. I highly dought your are not any of the reason he cant "put out" for you. Honestly, you sound like the problem.

    He... should leave you!

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    Tell him to go see his doctor and ask for Viagra.

    If he swallows his pride and go it will save your sex life.

    No it is not a good reason to leave someone. For better or worse, sickness and health

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    9 years ago

    pics to confirm your claim

    otherwise, its you being your fat and ugly self

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