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Series with romance like Legend Of The Seeker?

Hi, im looking for tv series and movies with romance, but ive watched too many :P..

i´d like to watch something that is not older than 2002...

i´ve already seen:

Legend of the seeker

Pushing daisies

Romeu and Juliet

Pretty little liars


If anyone knows Legend Of The Seeker and the romance betwen Richard and Kalahn, i´d like to watch something like that.. cause i just love their love story, it´s like a forbidden romance, and i like that :P

Make your suggestions people cause i´m a romance addict and i need something NEWWW

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  • Rose D
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    9 years ago
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  • eno
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    4 years ago

    brushing aside the undeniable fact which you dont like one among my fav. exhibits each (Buffy):) i might inform you to objective: Fringe-its like XFiles yet greater modern-day Torchwood- initially a BBC sequence yet now on the action picture channel i think of..I observed the 1st 6 episodes till now I took the action picture channel off my television yet i nevertheless see it on call for while i circulate to mothers domicile. Gosh..there are quite no exhibits like Smallville directly to any extent further. regrettably, because of the fact it became one among my favorites too. Now im forced to video show greater drams and much less fantasy and confident, vampire diaries have been come one among my universal exhibits because of the fact the tip of Smallville and The Legend of The Seeker are not from now on avalb. i'm beneficial even nonetheless that as quickly as one leaves us, yet another will save on with presently. you ought to additionally objective: the 9 lives of Chloe King the secret Circle the two one among those have that action, romance, supernatural element happening desire those help..

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