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How do I do my eye liner and such really good?

Hi. I am 14 and I wear makeup lol and I'm wondering how I can do my eye liner better because some people say that I don't do my makeup good and how do I do my eye liner really good and pretty so it pops out my eyes? I don't have that bad of an eye liner I bought it at cvs so it works good I guess but I'm not too good at doing makeup. So thanks guyss!!!! :) Please help :D

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    CoverGirl Perfect Blend Pencil is so nice. It goes on very smoothly, and works better than even some MAC eyeliners! You may need to warm it up in your hands sometimes, but that isn't exactly a problem for me. The blending tip at the end works pretty nicely, too. I wear this every day, and refuse to get any other brand now.


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    try doing it thinner, if you use thick lines, because it will look more natural, if you're doing it on your upper lash line do it in short strokes. If you mess up you can always take off the bad parts with makeup remover and a q-tip

    Also, practice practice practice! i used to e horrible and sometimes i don't think i do very well either, but if you practice more, you'll get better!

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