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Is it possible to get pregnant?

Let's say, My Period came on the 19th August, my last cycle was 31 days and usually my cycles are between 28 - 30 days.

I had sex on the 11th September is there a chance to get pregnant if my ovulation was over?


We used withdrawal Method (and we are both positive there was no *** nor pre-***).

Update 2:

I've seen egg White Discharge on the 5th September (Wouldn't that mean ovulation ended?)

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    Chances are you are not pregnant if you were both past ovulation and he did not finish in you. However, egg white discharge is indicative of ovulation (not that it is over) so that is confusing as you are well past a normal ovulation period.

    It is possible to get pregnant while you are not ovulating, it is just not as likely. It is also possible to ovulate late and to ovulate more than once a cycle as well.

    However, you are most likely not pregnant.

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    Pulling out doesn't work. Whether you saw or felt or didn't think there was any pre-ejaculate, THERE WAS. Everyone's cervical mucus is different so that's not gonna tell you for sure if you were or weren't ovulating. You could certainly be pregnant. Take a test when your period is late and don't rely on false information like the stuff you've learned from somewhere and posted here.

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    yes its possible.u must use birth control such as condom.

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    I don't know

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