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Did i scare her away? facebook convo?

So I said hi first, and then every next line is her, then me, etc

Im the one that said the last sentence, shes the one that said she had to go



whats up? lol

Justgot back from the dentist.. I got braces lol fml.. What about you?

haha i hated braces, sucks.. just chilling

They suck so bad hahaa. Sweet. I recognized you right away in social haha

hahah ive been wanting to talk to you for like the longest time, but im wayy to chicken so i thought facebook would be easier

Hahaha awehh you can talk to me!

haha im shy

Me to.. Who cares hahaha

hahah fair enough

Hahahaa where did you go for junior high?

_______, it sucked.

Did you know ______?

She's a ginger haha

hahha i know who she is

Sweet I dance with her haha she's crazy!

I went to ___

lol is her being crazy a good thing? sweet

Lol sometimes

so how you liking highschool so far?

Um its pretty fun I guess. Its soo big tho! Wbu?

haha yea its fun, really different than junior high. i always get lost

Hahaha oh my god me to. I went to a math 20 class by accident ! And sat in there all class ahaahahaa

hahhah is that why you missed the first day of math?

HAHA yup! I was so embarassed lol

lol im sure you werent the only person to go to the wrong class, its not that bad

Yea no big deal. But now I kinda know where I'm going!

thats good. im curious to see how you look with braces

Hahah not very good! Ahahaa

hahah you always look good

Hahaha naaahhh !! So you had braces? Your teeth are so nice now!

Yes! haha yeah i did. thanks

Noo! Haha there perfect!

Yess! haha but i still have a retainer on

NOOOOO lmao yea sooooo you can't even notice!

Lol. i dont like my smile, i think it looks werid when i smile.

I like your smile! Its cute!!

haha thanks, your cute

Hahaha thanks anyways I gotta go!

haha alright. see ya

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    I don't think you scared her away! She seems pretty nice and she probably was just a little busy or had something she needed to do. You two sound like you could be good friends! Try talking to her in person.

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    That was a cute conversation, really easy going, you lead the direction in some places and so did she. You were also really down to earth and showed you could relate to her as well which is awesome. Maybe you were a bit forward on the your cute bit, I wouldn't flatter her again so quickly when you talk to her next. Let her start the next facebook conversation. If that was me I would kind of pick up on the fact that you quite liked me, but that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, now just play it cool. When you see her smile and say hi, but now let her approach you. ALSO this is important - even if you don't feel it, ACT confident. Smiley, chatty, laughing with friends, with her. DON'T show off, say things particularly for her to hear, speak louder around her, this is really douchey behaviour. Just be yourself :)

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    I dont think you scared her away, obviously the whole conversation you to were flirting and she flirted back, maybe she really did have to go, im surprised at how well you conversation went actually, (: You guys didnt get that awkward.







    kind of thing happening! Lol, everyone hates that, but you two didnt get bored with eachother and you had just the right amount of flirting to not be a creep. and she flirted with you back by complimented your smile,

    just play it cool and i hope for the best for you ^.^


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    I think she must like you when she keep talking. You have to understand coming from a dentist is not joke and she was probably feels hurt or uncomfortable. Next time you see her give her some some compliment about how nice her braces are.

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  • 4 years ago

    This sounds somewhat like the way I act once I honestly have a weigh down on somebody. If she is known with you loved her she could be very shy and embarrassed. She could be scared to talk to you by using fact she would not understand what to declare, or she is frightened to by coincidence decrease to rubble in front of you. only carry on with it and be sort and friendly round her. pay interest to her once you're close to her by using fact she might additionally be afraid you will make relaxing of her or overlook approximately her around your pals.

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    9 years ago

    I'm pretty sure she likes you, she keeps talking to you and complimented you. I Think you should go for her. Just don't come on to her to suddenly its like going up to a bunny if u rush it the bunny will run away but if you are to slow the bunny will get bored and leave. Hope that helped

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    no i think she acctually did have to go. or shes just playing hard to get. she called your smile cute first, and she wouldnt of done that if you creeped her out or if she didnt want a compliment back. she might just like you as a friend but i deffinatly dont think you scared her off

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    I dont think you did. Because she seemed pretty excited to talk to you at the beginning but im sure she just had to go do something

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  • 9 years ago

    no, you didn't ,, she seemed really enthusiastic throughout the whole conversation. i think its okay if every once aand a while you mention that shes cute or her eyes, or other feature. as long as you don't do it too often, you won't seem like a creeper. you'll be flirting, (:

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    9 years ago

    oh she definitely likes u.. she complimented u first by saying u have a cute smile she was flirting... but i think she rushed off because she may have been nervous or didnt have anything else to say ... or she may have had to go foreal.. but you guys will talk again .. TRUST ME

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