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how do you tell if a lizard is a guy or girl?

me and my friend have the same type of lizard, and we want to know how you tell if they are guys or girls?


It is a wild lizard that you can find in the hiking trails of San Ramon. It has a brown back, black dots on the brown (going down from the tail to the neck) It is your typical wild lizard in Northern California.

Update 2:

(Western Fence Lizard)

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    Let the lizard go. WC pets are not the best to keep,they stress out fast and often have other health issues like parasites or mites. Let it go and get your self a healthy parasite free lizard from a reputable breeder online or at an expo, make sure to do plenty of research.

    To answer your questions, most lizards have to be probed in order to be sexed at a young age, As they get older there are usually signs that help distinguish between male and femlaes.

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    I caught two wild lizards like that… From my experience, the males have blue bellies, the female have white.

  • first of all dont take reptiles out of the wild its hard enough for them to thrive as it is and second of all if your so stupid as to not know that noone can tell u if you dont tell us what kind it is than you dont need a lizard. dumbass

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    Go to this link:

    Or this one:

    Also I kind of agree with Lost Vizard King.

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    Well depends what kind it is.

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