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I have a 1989 chevy camero rs. I want to make it a v-8 carborated from a v-6. How do i do it?

My biggest concerne is the fuel tank, and computer. Will i have to change my dash gauges also cuz i dont have the computer?

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    not worth the time and money at all. You could pick up a 1989 350carb for 3grand

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    It's a pretty easy swap if you have the tools, skill, and parts laying around. I have done more of those swaps than I can remember. Right now both mine and my dad's are V6 camaros swapped to V8'. Mine is a 1988 caaro and his is a 1982 firebird

    You will need V8 engine mounts $25 at local parts store new.. They are a pain to change though as it's very hard to get to the bolts. Be sure to have diff lenghts of 3/8" drive extensions, Wobble/U joint, wheel bearing grease, 15mm sockets in diff lenghts and 15mm wrench. I even heated and bent one 15mm wrench just to get the angle I needed on wrench to reach bolt better.

    No, non of the dash gauges are computer controlled. They will all work, the tach will read off though as it was made for a 6cyl engine and not an 8cyl one. Rest of gauges will be right though.

    Fuel tank is fine..

    Fuel pump is the prob and you have a few options on that.

    If your planning a stock to mild say 350 HP V8 then you can use the stock elec fuel pump thats in the tank.. Just put a $90 mallory fuel pressure reg in supply line beffore the carb and adjust pressure to 5 psi

    If you plan a higher HP engine, then the intake pump will not support it and has to be removed or upgraded.. You can add an aftermarket high volume intake pump and still use the mallory reg..... OR....

    You can remove pump and replace with a 1982-86 non EFI pickup/sender that don't have a fuel pump on it

    Or do what I did.. Pull the pickup out of tank, measure pump lenght, remove pump, cut a pc. of 3/8" hardline the lenght of pump and hook it to the pickup with a short pc of rubber fuel line and 2 clamps... Then just use a block mounted mech. fuel pump

    The biggest prob is getting the tank down to do the above. You have two options.. To pull ank down you pretty much have to drop the rer end/axle housing out of car

    Or you can cut a small square out of the floor above the tank in back of car and remove pickup and pump that away. That's what I did but I'm good with tool control, cutting, etc and have the tools to do it with. I used an air 3" cut off tool and wheels and went very slow. The tank aint but about 3/4" below the floor pan

    You will also need a V8 rad. and cooling fan or fan shround (depending on if your elec fan or mech. fan)

    V8 exhaust manifolds or headers

    V8 Y pipe or aftermarket Y pipe or aftermarket dual exhaust (wich is very hard to run on these cars)

    V8 transmission.. The trans from your V6 will not bolt up to your V8

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    Buy an earlier version that already has the v-8 and carbureted engine in it.You are just waisting time and money converting the TBI to carb.

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    Buy a new long block.Your question though needs to be proofed I think though.

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    Google it it's been done thousands of times, my dad did it go to there will be everything you need on that site

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