I'm beginning to lose hope.?

I've known this girl for around 6 months, and I have liked her since we met. We go through periodS where we talk every day, along with times that we completely ignore each other; it's a love/hate situation. Everyone at school understands that we can't stand one another, yet we always talk and occasionally hang out. I went to her house yesterday and we made out like crazy, and she told me she loved me. Now a day has passed and she is ignoring me, even on facebook. What the hell?

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    9 years ago
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    Its A Typical Girl Behaviour, In Another 'Period She Might Like U Again, have guts to take her to silent place, hold her hands, look into her eyes & Ask 'Do U Love Me From Heart & Soul' if Y it gr8, if N the matter is clear, love is when U look into her eyes & reach her soul & U both know it instantly

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    maybe she has bipolar disorder...lol

    but seriously u should sit down and talk to her break it down to her let her know how u feel.. and ask her whats up with her ignoring you. maybe she isnt used to having a guy around or something or maybe shes just trying to play hard to get.. just get your point across to her and let her know that her ignoring u is only pushing you further away from her and she should take advantage of the situation while it is present instead of playing around.

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