What causes babies to get ear infections?

My baby cousin gets ear infections all the time, and my daughter has never had one and they are very close in age, my daughter is going to be 10 months in a few days and my baby cousin is a couple days shy of 11 months.. What causes them?


To the first answer, my cousin is breastfed and my baby is not..

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes, the way a baby is fed can, and often times is the reason for ear infections. Especially if the baby is put to bed with a bottle. The ear infection could be the result from pool or bath water as well. Teething sometimes can effect the ears too. Some babies are more prone than others. The best way to prevent them is to not allow the baby to sleep with the bottle. The fluid, whether it be from the bottle, bath, or even the sinuses, can enter the the ears through these very tiny openings located just behind the jaw (in the throat). The fluid then backs up into these tubes, can't escape, and bacteria builds up, hence the infection. Hope this helped.

  • 9 years ago

    breastfeeding makes no difference. Its all anatomical. In babies the tube that connects your inner ear and throat is almost horizontal and very short ( where as adults is more vertical and much longer) so when fluid builds up either thru to nasal stuffiness etc ( or even laying on your back while eating I have heard can cause babies to get more prone to ear infections since the fluid pools in the mouth, stays there longer and builds up in bacteria that can travel up that tiny passageway.. )

    Some babies are more prone to get ear infections than others. I was exclusively breastfed and had tons of ear infections until I was like 12, I had 4 sets of tubes in my ears ( where they put a tiny hole in your eardrum to keep the ventilation going on better). My son who was breastfed for 3 mos also had tons of them until he was about 3 y old, my second and third who have been breastfed like less than 5 times between them in total have had like one ear infection in their lives ( they are 4 and 5) So it just all depends on the baby, its not neglect, its not anything you can really do to prevent them from getting them either if they just are prone to them. Feed them always upright, if they get stuffy, use humidifiers and later decongestants to keep them becoming stuffy and the fluid to build up behind the eardrum which then causes an infection.

  • 9 years ago

    Fluid "lingering" anywhere in your body is what causes infections. Breast fed babies get ear infections less than bottle fed babies (statistically) and "they" think it could be with the way they are held during the feeding. Your cousin is getting fluid in his/her ears that isn't draining, most likely from when he/she is feeding (ears/nose/mouth are all connected).

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