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How do I get eyeshadow to show up on my eyelids?

My eyelids have darkened over the years and I don't know why it might have been from wearing make up now any of the eyshadows I have which is like around 100 or 50 don't show up.

What can I do so it shows?

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    Use eyeshadow primer such as urban decay primer potion or too faced shadow insurance. If that doesnt seem to work as much, use creamshadow as a base. After applying the eyeshadow primer, apply a creamshadow on top of it (preferred if it's the same shade or close to the shade of the eyeshadow you are planning to use on lid. After applying the creamshadow, apply the powdered eyeshadow on top.

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    Yes, a primer may work, but also try an eye brighter, Bobby Brown has an awesome one. Maybe your mascara is leaving residue on your skin, try changing it and look for results. Maybe you can visit MAC and buy a few new ones? Maybe the older shadows you have have lost some of the oils in them making them dull? just a thought .... hope this helps!

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    Unless you only wear light pinks and taupes, it should show up. Try using a primer!

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    use a primer i suggest urban decay primer potion on your lids before applying the eye shadow

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