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I want to try out for my school's play, but....?

My school is having a play soon, and I want to try out, but I am nervous. I mean, no one at my school is THAT talented (very small town) but I am nothing special either. The play is Wizard of Oz, and I recorded myself singing somewhere over the rainbow. Can you tell me if I would humiliate myself trying out, or would I stand a chance at all? PS I know I have posted this video before, but I just really need help! Please don't be to harsh, I have never sang in front of anyone :)

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    Youre really not bad at all for a beginner. Just remember not to let the notes just run. Keep control and get off the note nice and steadily. You tend to get out of tune at the end of the sustained notes. But i would say to go for it.

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    i listened to the video and i dont think you are a bad singer. you have a pretty voice. last year my school did annie and the lead guy couldnt sing at all but he got lead cause he is such a good actor. my drama teacher said that even if you are like the best singer but you are a horrible actor you probably wont be cast. i think you should audition. everyone gets nervous you just can't let your nerves get the best of you. you should see me before i go on stage. i freak out. but i still go on stage and i usually dont mess up. you will be perfectly fine and i dont think you will be humiliated based on your singing.

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    Well dont let your self from doin something u really like doing..but yeah u should try out go with wat your heart tells u ..humiliation is something u shouldnt tink about.. youll know if u did good when everybody starts clapping ...good luck!!!!!!!!

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