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What are the similarities between nationalism and a revolution?

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    Nationalism implies the rank and file or common citizenry that consitute a nation or country; in other words, people believe in their nation because it expresses their common hopes, ideals and identity, whether in government or culture or language. In nationalism there is some binding agent that gives the people of that nation a common identity and aspiration. A revolution can occur when a ruling junta, coalition, or party glaringly conflicts with the commonly held vision of the nation. For example, most recently in Libya Gadaffi (spelling) ruled the country while denying many personal liberties, freedoms or rights that we take for granted in the U.S. This was not the vision of the nation of Libya and its common people. Also Gadaffi and his ruling class was hording the wealth and power and not sharing it in any way with the rank and file citizenry. Eventually, the people realize they have nothing to lose - including their own lives - and revolt against the tyranny of the ruling class who do not express the vision that they have for their country. Nationalism could also be involved when the country is occupied by another country. Basically that was the situation with the 13 colonies in the American revolution of the late 1770s against the British. The British king used unfair taxation against the colonies that did not jive or conform to the nationalist vision of the colonies, who began to see themselves as a nation separate from Britain. So they revolted against England and King George to set up their own nation of the United States of America.

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