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How can you tell if...?

How can you tell if your horse is galloping full out?

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    You will feel them 'shift up a gear' and some horses actually feel like they drop a bit. You will feel the stride get longer and the horse will have his neck stretched and most of the time his ears back. Not pinned but horses do lay their ears with extreme effort and concentration. It also feels incredibly fast - fast enough for the wind to bring tears to your eyes. You will feel the muscles stretching and releasing under you. Watch a run in from a race and watch how the horses move. It's great :)

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    Because his head is leaning way forward, his mane and tail are blowing straight back, legs reach high forward and far back (full stride), He's breathing hard but even...you feel the power of his muscles working...the ground is a blur bellow you and of course....you feel like you're flying.

    For example...

    The horse in this video is going fast but not at a full Gallup. The rider hasn't really indicated to him to let it all out. Also there isn't enough room and the horse knows it. He not going to be going full speed when he can see the trees on the other side of the field and knowing he's going to be there very quickly.


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    This horse on the other hand....has the gas pedal all the way down.


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    That's a full gallop.

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    You won't be able to sit in your saddle as you would even a fast canter, as the gallop is a 4 beat gait. You should be able to feel this shift in rhythm and you won't feel the rocking motion of the canter anymore. You have to two point to gallop full out.

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    You'll be able to see and sense the extension of the horses limbs. you will probably see the fore legs reaching forward.

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    It is really fast, covering lots of ground and you feel/hear 4 beats.

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