Do the high testosterone levels in black women make them more attractive to gay men?

Most black women are built like an ox. Big broad shoulders, thick masculine thighs like the great buffalo, strong muscular arms like Patrick Ewing..Theoretically this should attract gay men..

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    9 years ago
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    its called obese women and obese women have alot of manly traits and characteristics the user "Nami waves is a prime example" of the obese manly traits white women can posess just look at her picture, what white guy would hit that? she MAY have a chance with a black guy but since she does not like blacks she is probably will remain single majority of her life.

    Femininity is linked towards thin slender bodies which is why asian women are thought of as "the most feminen" simply because most of them generally are petite and slender. Race has nothing to do with it but culture does. And asian culture embraces thin slender bodies and because of that the women eat a more healthier lifestyle. Black culture embraces curves and because of that women eat a less healthier lifestyle, same goes for western culture. Their are alot more fat "manly" white women than ever before simply because of feminism and the fact that curves have now been embraced as a "good thing".

    This question is clearly asked in a provoking bigot manner but i guess that is what this section is for. To be racist, ignorant and down right "pro white" in all possible ways. Why? because majority of the users on here are pathetic lonely white men who are butt hurt that most white women are not activly seeking out white men and are now seeking out black men. And most minority women do not find white men attractive. So that leaves white men with limited options, even if lets say they all seeked out asian women. Their would still be a shortage of asian women to go around since asian women only make up a SMALL percentage in the united states. So that still leaves alot of white men single. And it gets worse if the white man is a ginger. His options of even finding an asian women interested in him are small and than it gets even smaller if the women is black, asian or hispanic. And most white women don't even find gingers attractive so he is evidently in the same boat as almost the asian man when it comes to dating.

    White men can not not handle defeat well. Instead they go out and attack black women (cause we are usually the ones the most outspoken about our dislike towards white men) not knowing that its turning off black women even more from them (even if they did consider white men they certainly won't after spending a few hours online surfing the net) potentially limiting their dating partners EVEN MORE. This is something the media fails to address and the more this issue is pushed aside the more nothing will be done about the issue leaving even more single white men. That is why they keep advertising the online dating sites, because the media is well aware of the white mans problem but they know how much shame it bring to the white community so they choose to not speak about it. But other cultures such as the black culture, the hispanic culture and even the indian culture are well aware of the white mans down fall.

    And the asian ratio in the united states is low so even if white men did want an asian women majority of them won't get with one since asians make up a very low percentage. Which means alot of single lonely white men with no mate. Black women and hispanic women do not find white men attractive, you guys just keep putting a bad name for yourselves.

    attacking black women does not win you browney points with other minority raced women. You just look ignorant and it does not help that most of you are ugly. White women i don't think care about what you think since they don't even look twice at white men anymore.

    i don't know whether i should feel sorry for white men or just simply link it to just karma.

    I just know that the white media is full of flaws and u guys keep pushing aside white peoples issues like the rise in feminism, the fact that white women are not seeking out white men, the fact that since white women don't seek out white men, u all are at a diadvantage in the dating pool.

    I mean i am still a female, i don't have an issue getting a man to have sex with me. I got boobs and an azz no man can resist. color of my skin has never held me back. but i guaranteed as a white man you have a huge disadvantage. no one wants u since u have nothing to offer. You have a small dyck, a small brain, unattractive pale skin that looks albino. sorry but majority of women such as black and hispanic that outnumber asian women in terms of population, would never go for you. So u are the ones at a disadvantage. Unless you have alot of money it sucks. And if your a ginger white man, please just keep your mouth shut because no one even would consider dating you.

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    5 years ago

    If my clone comes on here, don't even listen to it. I don't even know you are a troll or not. If you aren't. I just have to let you know that black women would rather be with black men in the the majority. Why? Because we share the same culture, we make black kids together, and we have the same lineage and the same struggle. No one can understand a black man's struggle like a black woman can. Yes, there are black women who date caucasian men for whatever reason. It could be for love, status, or feel that she can't find a decent black man. I hear from my brother and male cousins that it is hard to find that black woman who isn't westernized. I think both decent black men and black women are becoming a minority. Too many black people have their heads up their behinds. Some of them are even color struck. There are still some good black women out there. From what I was told, It's like finding a needle in a hay stack. I'm not saying I'm a good person but there had to be something about me for my bf to have been so persistent and he manage to snatch me up.

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    9 years ago

    To answer your question: No. It doesn't.

    And do we really have high testosterone levels?

    And I'm pretty sure gay men have their preferences too.

    Some gay men like thin guys, some gay men like muscular guys.

    Gay men wouldn't like black women simply because of the fact that they're gay and DON'T like women.

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    4 years ago

    Builds Muscle, Burns Fat Faster!

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    9 years ago

    i don't know what you are looking at

    black women practically own curves (large butt/wide hips, narrow waist/flat stomach, large breast)

    if you think that is masculine, you are gay

    Because that is the epitome of how a woman should look...if you like straight backs with no @ss you are gay (or on the verge of it..)

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    9 years ago

    indian men have the worlds smallest dcks

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    9 years ago

    They attract more primates

    @love, nègro aren't allowed to write

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