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She's always late. What should I do?

Whenever I invite my friend over, I will tell to be at my house by 3 and five hours later, she still won't be here. Her mom will like go to the grocery store, go to work, and go out for dinner before she even gets home to begin getting my friend packed and she doesn't call to say that she's going to be late. I don't want to be rude to her or her mom but it gets really annoying when my family has something to do and she's not here when we asked her to be.

Also, when he went to go drop her off at her house, her mom said that her brother was in Dollar General so we went there, ran around the whole store, then realized he wasn't here so we called back. The next time she said he was in the grocery store, he wasn't there either so we called AGAIN. This time she said he was at home and she was on her way, and thirty minutes later she shows up (shouldn't have taken that long) and caused us to miss an appointment. I don''t want to loose her as a friend but I don't want to have to wait for seven hours for her to show up.. What should I do?

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    Just tell her the inconvenience of it all she's a good friend (sorta) but truly if she's your friend just talk to her to don't dump your friendship.

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    Explain that it's becoming a problem that needs to be fixed. Make sure you explain how much you value her friendship and don't want to lose her over something like this, but she really needs to learn to be on time.

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    Just tell her how much of a problem its becoming and she needs to sort it out quickly

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