Ear stretching help! And is this a blowout?

I am going to say this in MM as that's what I'm used to.

I was at a 6mm and my next taper in the kit was 8mm. I would have prefered to have a 7mm taper but as their wasn't one in my kit I thought this was okay. Anyway, I begun to size up and the 8mm taper wouldn't go in past halfway which told me my ears needed a break at 7mm. However the taper wouldn't stay in just sitting half way so I could only leave it a few hours til I could move it a bit before continuing to push it in. I got it all in and pushed it all the way through but when I felt the back of my ear I could feel a TINY bit of skin on the outside of my ear. I immediately panicked and put my 6mm tunnel back in. Now there is no pain and no skin at the back of my ear? So I have quite a few questions;

Was this a blowout?

What do I do about not having a 7mm taper? Should I just buy one or is it normal to skip 2mm?

When you size up how long do you have to leave the taper before a tunnel can go in? I have been told to not leave a taper in as jewellery. But, everytime I size up and try and put my tunnels in I have to stretch my hole around the tunnel rather than it just going through.

How long do you have to leave a tunnel in before when you take it out your ear will stay at that size naturally?

AND i've been trying to work out how to word this Q lol..

When you stretch your ears is the inside of the hole like a wound or will it just be how your ear lobe is outside.. when I looked at the back of my ear it sort of looked red and fleshy like a cut or something...

Thank you for any help!

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    9 years ago
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    I've never seen a 7mm taper, but if you're having trouble with it try putting 1 layer of tape at a time around the 6mm one so it goes up much more slowly than all at once, it is a lot less painful! This could have been a blowout but they do not usually happen until bigger sizes, so i wouldn't worry too much if you want to just try and go up the 2mm all at once. If you do decide to do this you can rub olive oil on your ears in and around the hole as this softens the skin and lets the taper slide in more easily and avoids blowouts.

    When i stretched my ears i always left the tapers in as jewellery and nothing bad came of it. i do not even own any tunnels or plugs that are below 8mm. You should leave the taper in until it is healed, so a few weeks preferably.

    your ears will never stay that size naturally, they will always go back down somewhat. 8mm is usually the cutoff point for returning completely normal though. If you stop at 8mm and eventually want to take them out, your ear should go back down to the normal sized hole that was there before. If you go up to 10mm, your ear will mostly go down, but will probably stay at around 2 or 3 mm. once you go up past maybe a half inch usually the only way to get it back down all the way is to get surgery on them. they will go down a tiny bit but are too far gone to be normal again.

    HOWEVER this is only what usually happens. one of my good friends was at 1/2 inch and hers went back down completely to normal. but this does not usually happen. but it can.

    the inside of the hole will heal, but won't just be smooth skin like your normal outer ear lobe. since you are basically tearing the skin each time you go up, it has to heal and re-heal so it will look like scar tissue, pinkish and shinier than normal skin, like a scar. but it will not be an open wound or anything like that.

    hope this helps!

  • 4 years ago

    take jewellery out till the tear is completely healed. This can be no less than 2 weeks. If you rush it, it'll tear once more and you can must do it in all places. Use sea salk soaks or some thing you've gotten at dwelling for first support Next time, if it takes any attempt then its too quickly. Avoid doing that once more.

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