Do you think she likes me?

There's this girl at my school whom I thought was giving me some of the "signs of attraction". She would give me the "over the shoulder" glance occasionally, and she even took a textbook out for me before when I was late to our mutual class. However, I had never approached her or attempted to engage her in conversation. That changed recently when I asked if we had homework in a class when I was leaving for the day. Coldly, she stared off into the distance for about a second and a half -- trying to pick faces out of a crowd -- and then turned her attention back to me and declared "No".

Have I been misreading her? My intuition tells me she doesn't like me. Yet, I've caught her looking at me in classes and angling her body towards me: two signs, which indicate supposedly, that she likes me. However, her verbal expression (tone) completely contradicts her body language.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    i think she does like you if she looks at you frequently. she's probably nervous to talk to you if it took her awhile to respond to you. the point is, i think she likes you and you should talk to her!!

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