Renting a car rather than owning one while stationed at an air base?

I have been seeing similar questions asked about airmen wanting to bring their cars along with them while being stationed overseas. Do any of you think it is smarter (especially if you are a singe male under the age of 25) to rent a car rather than own? Are you even allowed to rent if you are under 25? What about leasing instead of buying?

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    9 years ago
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    Yes you can rent a car if you are a licenced driver. Don't worry about what they think, just use the service as smart as you can. Rent the car to actualy get things done for yourself and a few buddies when you can. I would say get a netowrk of friends and rent a car one weekend a month each, do all your errands (shopping paying bills ect.). Don't waste money on a car and insurance and gas and maintenance save your money and build a nest egg up. Make sure you go to where you can get the best deal and just drive the car for a few miles under the alotted milage. In the long run you will save tons of money. Oh yea that network I talked about have your buddies do the same thing and give you a ride once in a while to get your stuff done or just go for a cruse and burn up those extra miles you already paid for. Its about 100 bucks most places for a weekend rental, get it early on friday and check it in sunday evening.

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