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How do you change your name?

I was wondering. I am not going to do it, but am thinking on it because heather kind of sounds like a guys name >_>

Ahh well, I was born with it so I don't care :)

BUt how do you change it?

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    Simply begin using a new name you choose. You can change it legally at 18 and there is a fee. Google name Chang and your state. I never legally changed mine I just would make mention that I wanted to be called so and so now. Have fun and go over to names on

    Yahoo answers.

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    You can call yourself whatever you want without changing it legally, as long as it is not meant to deceive or evade.

    You have to be 18 to change it yourself--younger than that and your parents have to do it--and the process varies by state. Here's the California example:

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