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He died and I cant get over please?

My boyfriend and I had been together for three years. He was in the amred forces, I loved him so much, but everytime he went away he made me promise that if he ever dies out there, I wont hold myself back and i'll move on and meet other people. He died 3 months ago :( and I just cant get over it. I dont want to even go out, and socialise never mmind get with other poeple. My friends took me out the other night and some guy flirted with me and I just felt so disgusting, all I do is think of him. Will it always be like this, or will it get better? Idk what to do :( I dnt think i'll be able to fulfil thee promise I made

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    my grandpa died because of the agent orange in vietnam... My grandma struggled for about a year but they were married.... Just let time take its course and have fun with your friends forget the guy situation for now

    Good luck! and im sorry for your lost...

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