Looking for a great beach in Nassau Bahamas?

We are arriving via cruise ship (Allure of the Seas) and 4 single guys want to go to a beach where we can rent a chair, get served drinks on the beach and have a restaurant with fresh seafood close by for lunch. Looking for advice on where to go from those that have been there b/c we have only from 7am till 3pm and don't want to spend our time jumping from beach to beach. Thanks!!!


Thanks for the answer, but as posted in my question we don't want to jump from beach to beach. What we are looking for are experiences there that can direct us to the beach you may have had a great experience at. That way we can better use our 8 hours at port.

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    9 years ago
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    WOW.. you guys are going on a super chaapie booze cruise and you think you are going to a beach in Nassau. Have you ever BEEN to Nassau? There is a Beach just to the West of Downtown that get's all the overflow from the COMMERCIAL DOCKS just about a mile away. You can also go out to ATLANTIS which is just across the causweway.. but if you think you can jump from beach to beach.. then you are going to be in for a real sock. Most peopel who have actually BEEN in a 3rd world country, never even bother to get off the Cruise ship at Nassau.. IT'S THAT SMALL AND DIRTY. and EVERYTHING is EXPENSIVE... a 6 pack of beer can cost you $10

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    Check out Compass Point...they have restaurant and bar...on the water...

    Have a website...maybe you could call them.

    Nassau is not cheap...expect premium pricing...and usually a built-in 15% gratuity.


    Can get bus #10 down Bay Street, or taxi- expect fairly high taxi fare for miles driven.Negotiate price if possible...probably $25-30 minimum each way.Bus is like $1.25 each way but normally not air conditioned.

    Beaches not part of a resort are not like in States.Not many stores/shops/bars around them.Bring your own booze/food is the norm.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Source(s): Lived in Nassau 5 years.American on TDY.
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