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Need to Remove Sludge from Community Tank?

What product can I use or what action can I take to reduce or eliminate sludge from my 30 gal community tank? Water quality is good, but I seem to develop sludge heavily on the water filter (Penguin 200) bio wheel, etc. Fish are all active and healthy, and have been for a long time. Only reading that's a bit off is the ph, at 6 or a small tad more. Just added a chunk of coral and it's still at 6. Anyway, what say ye?

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    9 years ago
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    1, you are overfeeding probably up to 5 times too much food.

    2, you have a relatively small filter for the size of the tank. 200 gallons per hour is just a little too small.

    3, you need to learn how to use a siphon gravel cleaner properly and get more filth while removing less water.

    stop overfeeding, sludge is uneaten food broken down usually.

  • Ianab
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    9 years ago

    Sludgy filters is normal.

    Take the filter media out, rinse it in a bucket of old tank water to get rid of most of the sludge, and put it back in the filter.

    Repeat as needed.


  • 9 years ago

    well if it is just on filter means u just need to clean filter out more and don't worrie about ph to much as long as it i remains steady.

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