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How to achieve purity and cleanliness of body, mind and environment.?

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    Basically, you raise every thought and action you have and place it into the Light of Love, to dedicate everything you think and do because of your love for God. That is "devotion".


    As for cleanliness of the environment, there's much you can do. We hear of the problems every single day, so many people are concerned about the loss of forests, clean water, destroying habitat, and all the rest. Perhaps you can join one of these groups and let your voice be heard loud and clear.

    Cleanliness of the body:

    Eat more natural foods, the veggies and fruits, eat less of meats, also less stimulants such as coffee or alcoholic drinks which only burden the system as they must be processed. Be sure to get adequate hours of sleep, have sufficient exercise and personal cleanliness.

    And much more ...

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    Cleanliness Of Body

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    First we have to understand that we are not isolated, individual creatures, but all of us exists in a global, interconnected network, where we all influence each other even with our thoughts.

    Thus there is no such thing as individual cleanliness, purity or even happiness.

    We all need to work on the balance, and harmony of the complete system, on the connections in between the elements, especially on the connections, relationships in between human beings.

    If we are actively promoting the health, the harmony of the whole system, than that harmony and healthy will effect us as well, and thus we become clean, pure and happy.

    But our priority needs to be the benefit of the whole system.

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    I don't know that a mind can be pure. We do need our dark side, after all.

    The body isn't pure - it always has bacteria inside and out.

    The environment isn't pure. It's a collection of stuff. Some of it may be harmful, e.g., bee stings, radon, earthquakes, lightning storms.

    So, it really doesn't make sense to talk about purity in relation to human's bodies, thoughts, or physical setting.

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    We most treat everything as a Living thing, love and protect. If we get right in spirit, love will guild us to show love and understanding to all life. GOD is Love .

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