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AUSSIE 3 minute mask??? Neutrogena Triple moisture Mask?

So my hair is rather curly. The strands in themselves are fine (unlike many curly haired people), but I just have a lot of hair, and it likes to get frizzy.

I just dyed it for the first time, and I want to get a moisturizing treatment for it. Or a hair mask

So yeah, pretty much I want something cheap, and that works.

The two I am interested in are the Aussie 3 minute mask and the neutrogena triple moisture mask.

Have you heard anything about either of these, have you used them? Any opinions positive or negative? Which one should I get?


How often do you use the aussie 3 min mask? And do you let it sit for 3 minutes like it says, or do you wait longer?

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    OHH AUSSIE 3 minute MASK... I LOVE it. Its awesome- I was introduced by a friend and have been hooked. I've even used it after I've highlighted my hair to make sure it wasnt going to dry out. AWESOME!! I love the way it smells-really tropical and fresh. I even passed this on to my roommate who now swears by it too. She loves it soo much that she will wash her hair just so she could smell it! lol

    I havent tried the neutrogena one though.

    look up the reviews on what people like on its an awesome resource that I guess alot of people dont know about? I use that for everything...oh an yelp. love hearing real people writing real reviews.

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    I have used both, and i pick Aussie 3 Minute Miracle over the Neutrogena one. It smells great, makes your hair really soft, is easy to use, and has a good price. I did like the Neutrogena one, but I liked the Aussie one better. I've dyed my hair countless times and this mask has really helped!

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    Aussie all the way! It's only like 3 bucks yet it works just as well as those high end hair products. GET IT.

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