d gray man question i neeeddd help plz!!!?

ok i hav a question about d gray man chap 107

marie says that kanda was free of his curse

what curse is he talking about???

nd also is lenalee happy that kanda is alive or is she mad @ him cuz he's the 1 tht caused the 14th 2 awake inside allen?? or does she even kno its kanda's fault??

thnx these questions hav really been bugging me lately

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  • 9 years ago
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    aaaah pomg i didnt watch the manga i was waiting for the anime ova to possibly come out :( im a failure at not nowing this would be a spoiler

    but im guessing its the one assosiated with the lotus flowers, and he cant die before somthing and whatever which is linked to this, and that using that power of his makes his life weaker right?.... i forgett but i hope that helps... :)

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