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i want to be a GM for an NHL hockey team, is ohio state a good college to go to get the degrees I need?

what other degrees would i need besides sports management? are there better colleges than ohio state to go to for this?

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    A sports management degree isnt a requirement to be an NHL GM. In fact there is no degree needed to be a GM. What is needed is hockey smarts at a level 99% of fans cant even comprehend an those smarts are evolved by being in and around the game on a daily basis. Do most NHL GMs have degree's? Not all do but most have either law or some form of economic degree (none has a sports management degree that I am aware of) but they all have the access to the game you likely dont have. Not saying you have no shot but there arent many job openings obviously and in pro sports it is almost always who you know that gets you started. You could go for a law or some form of economics degree and try getting into an NHL front office as one of the financial advisors (the salary cap requires "capologists") or a low level manager of any of the many forms of hockey operations each team operates. Getting your foot in the door is the first (and only logical) step, from there you need to dedicate yourself to learning the things about the game and hockey operations no college can teach. Best of luck....focus on a quality education and if that leads to a job in hockey great....if not at least you are better prepares than most to make a mark in this world.

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