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Were you in 9/11? any stories, you can share them here?

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    I wasn't directly involved, but my uncles were working 5 blocks away from the WTC. It was such a horrific day, and I was so scared they were going to be killed. It makes me sick to see the footage of people jumping off the towers, and when those things came down, I started to cry, all those people trapped underneath debris. I was heart broken for people who lost friends and family members, and seeing people today at the 9/11 memorial crying their eyes out made me cry too, it was just a terrible day, and I am SO SICK of people making jokes about it, saying it was not a big deal, American deserved it, but we DIDN'T. No one deserves an attack like that, and yes, it was an attack. We did not provoke anyone to make them kill 3,000 innocent people. And one British person on here laughed about it, when British people working in the WTC were killed too! People have no compassion these days for anything, some people are now family-less because of this attack, and my heart goes out to them.

    God bless America, and I pray tonight for those who lost loved ones due to this heartless attack on America and all of those in Flight 93.

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    Yes i was in 9/11 my mother and Father retold me that i was watching tv while they got me ready for school and that actually I actually pointed out them that the plane crashed

    my mom said that i said " Hey mommy look the plane it hit the building is that bad?" Then i went to school i am guessing occurs ei don't remember any of it

    my teacher ron fridays told me that it is a shame that we don't know the pre 9/11 world and that we grew up in the post 9/11 world she said it is a shame i am guessing living in America Amsta have been fun it still is to date but couldn't know i'm only 12 turning 13 pre 9/11 to me only reminds me one 80 hairstyles lame movie people with stupid clothes on and some 90's tv shows

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