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Is this a GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY camera for a BEGINNER? answer mine i'll answer yours urgent :)?

m 16 (female), want to take photography serious but my parents wont let me, so i want to buy a decent photography camera.. is this good? what's good about it.. help? (im paying for it) for 85 pounds(Uk curency)

I want to buy it but i want a good camera where it has good qualities..? i can buy one for 170 pounds if i wait for 6 months? what do you think is best? what qualities should there be but whats nt here?

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    My son began will a 99 dollar fugi digital. Get a good book about digital photography too. Take courses in college in photography.. It could lead u to a career in graphic arts or marketing arts n design photo journalist u never know . Just start taking pics of everything.

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    It's an okay digital camera, Fuji is a official manufacturer, and has been for a long time. CCD Sensors had been designed for taking pictures good in low mild stipulations, despite the fact that they nonetheless paintings flawlessly good in all lighting fixtures stipulations, if you're going to shoot in low mild stipulations a CCD sensor is far bigger than a CMOS sensor. The optical zoom could also be rather well. For your price range I could say that this digital camera is a well purchase.

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    I would wait for 6 months to get a 170 pound camera, for better quality. If you feel it's almost urgent to get a good camera, finding some around 85 pounds or maybe more can be decent, but not as good as if you waited.

    Try checking this link for cameras around 85 pounds : (Check out preferences at left side)

    Check out this for cameras around 170 pounds :

    You can also try searching this on Google, or asking stores around your area. If you need more specifications, try emailing me with more details, such as style of photography, DLSR , Bridge camera or compact, what brand, what kind of zoom and mp..etc

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    Buy any camera with an interchangeable lens. However cheap it is, if the lens can come off, you're good. (as long as it's not a broken piece of crap. Make sure it works!)

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    you get what you pay for with everything in life...think about that

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