what were the causes of the trojan war?

my latin teacher said we had to find out 3 causes for the trojan war (other than the golden apple and the "kidnapping" of helen). I think one of them is because of the location, but what are some other causes of the trojan war?

thank u soooo much!!! <3

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes, I would say location, richness of Troy and also - according to some sources - destruction of humanity. Apparently, Zeus thought there were too many people on earth and engineered the whole thing to have some killed.

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    Yes, you are correct. Troy controlled the Bosporus, limiting Greek trade(or raiding)/ Secondly, Troy controlled trade further east, and thus was a much wealthier nation than the individual Greek City States. So it was for the money. Third, a war against Troy offered the Greek states to unite for a common cause. In the stories it's Agamemnon who utilizes the war to solidify his power over the lesser kings. Of course, once the war was over, the Greeks fragmented once more and would not reunite for centuries, and then only because they were conquered. It would be even longer before modern Greece arose as a single nation.

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    Because every king of Greece had wanted to marry Helen. "Tyndareus (father of Helen) was afraid to select a husband for his daughter, or send any of the suitors away, for fear of offending them and giving grounds for a quarrel. Odysseus proposed that before the decision was made, all the suitors should swear a most solemn oath to defend the chosen husband against whoever should quarrel with him. After the suitors had sworn not to retaliate, Menelaus was chosen to be Helen's husband." Once Helen was kidnapped, all the kings of Greece were obligated by their oath to go help rescue her. Without this promise, the Trojan War wouldn't of happened, because Menelaus didn't have a large enough army to attack Troy on his own.

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