What would you do if your g/f had this convo with another guy?

Discovered my g/f of 9 months having an inappropriate conversation with a "guy friend" of hers. She refuses to cut ties with this "friend". How would you respond? Between the first and second convos this guy sent her a nude pic...

GUY: C******* who?

G/F: V********** :-)

GUY: Hmmm, i don't know you. what do you look like?

G/F: I'll send a naked pic. That should clarify!

GUY: Totally. i.ll take it! i.ll be expecting it. careful my wife doesn't see it. how did you get my number?

G/F: I have my ways. I saw what I wanted and I took it

GUY: Do you know who you're talking to?

G/F: A*****!

GUY: Cheater

G/F: How so?!

GUY: Nevermind. where's my nudie pic?

G/F: It didn't come through?! :O

GUY: Liar. now you owe me. a candy bar will do.

G/F: What kind?

GUY: The new snickers with peanut butter.

G/F: Deal!

GUY: K bring it to my room. if i happen to be naked and irresistable on my bed then oh well, i didn't plan it that way.

G/F: You'd better be naked and irresistible! Tho I prefer the floor....

GUY: How about a wall, or shower, or mountain top?

G/F: Yes, yes, and YES!

GUY: K bring candy

G/F: You know when I start pimping you out you'll need to get paid in cash and not candy right?

GUY: What? why? i like candy.

G/F: But you'll be working for me...and I want money..

GUY: Fine. but don't you need to check what your selling? make sure its quality?

G/F: Yep. 3am. meet me in an alley

GUY: I.ll do it, don't make me call your bluff

G/F: Call it

GUY: 3am, where?

G/F: An alley of course!

GUY: Which one?

G/F: You pick. You probably know the alleys better than me

GUY: I thought you were interested in a boy

G/F: Haha. I am. Were dating now. Like for reals :-)

GUY: ll rent out a mountain top for you, and start some ****.

G/F: Woo! My life will be perfect!

GUY: No, it will be for the night, then in the morning, . . . . get the **** off my mountain top.

G/F: Hahaha. Damn!

GUY: Well, maybe once in the morning, or twice. but THEN, get off my mountain top

G/F: Ok twice and then I'll leave

GUY: If you want to. if . . . you want to. IF . . . you want to. IIIFFF . . . you WANT to.

G/F: I love how even your texts make no sense :p

GUY: Consistency is important.

GUY: Lol don't you have a boy thing?

G/F: A boy thing?

GUY: Damnit. there goes my damn conscience. i'd bone even a married woman, but not one i respect and care about. so if you become single and want a piece, i.

G/F: Pssh. You'll be the first I call ;-)

GUY: Ok. good to know i'm your number one jigalo

G/F: Always!


G/F: O A*****. Never change!

GUY: I won't. and if i change, you'll know because i.ll stop making crude and offbeat pick up attempts and comments about you and your sweet sumptuous body.

G/F: and i always make fun of you, and crack the jokes that are usually inappropriate.

G/F: And then I'll cry cuz I'll miss that

GUY: How are your boobies by the way? and don't cry, i didn't move away because of you. its not you, its G/F.

G/F: "Of course it's you...cuz I'm so awesome no one would ever want to leave me.

Theyre awesome. I think they're hoping to get out a bit this weekend...well see what happens "

GUY: You need some help with them? i'll baby sit them for a bit if you want. if you want. . . IF you want. . . if YOU want. . .

G/F: You're so generous...always willing to lend a hand....

GUY: For you, i.ll lend a lot more than a hand. ;)

This is the second guy that has been an issue. The first I was lied to about from the very get go (she wanted a long time friend to stay over at her place for a week.... turns out her and the first guy had never met before... he lives 2500 miles away) She now promptly deletes all messages from all guy friends. I've been torn up and a bit heart broken over it. After the first guy I really thought we could work past the dishonestly. Text messages ring through on her phone quite often. I'm now always wondering who they are from and what the convo is about. I'm still here holding out hope that things will change. She really is a great girl beyond this... I'm lost.

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    9 years ago
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    Without a doubt, dump her. Let her know that this is unacceptable. There is now way she can think that this is the right way to behave.

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