Robert asked in HealthMental Health · 9 years ago

Ugh im troubled.....Any help on my problems?

ive had too many things on my mind this past week ive usually been a straight A student in school but i just stared making bad grades its like i dont care but i do care its im just all feeling weird in the mind about all my friends and things in school and my other personal problems...

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  • 9 years ago
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    I swear you must be living my life..the same thing has happened to me and I feel all blehh...I mean school's important..but life is too

    Maybe you should put your personal matters aside for a while..focus a little on school try to review your weak areas and then focus on what you need to learn desperately..

    Music always calms me..try to do some things you love and talk to someone..I had trouble with my friends and my parents so I talked to someone about them and that made me feel a ton better to get the load off..

    I'm getting back around my straight As...gradually..I still feel weird though..but I'm hoping I get over it..sometimes I'm tempted to spill it all out at my parents..I did it once with my mother..and that did sorta see what you can do..things'll get better :))

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