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I'm Thinking About Getting Dreads But Need Some Advice?

So first of I've been growing my hair since June 4th and as of now it's about 2 1/2 inches when I comb it out. I have naturally curly hair and was wondering if it would be harder for me to dread my hair because of that. Also how long should I let my hair grow before I start them?

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    you can start dreading it now, but have a professional do it some it looks nice and together. Also it can hold, they stylist just may have to use beeswax (gf used that for her hair) or some holding product initially.

    Source(s): sis does hair and my gf has dreaded her own hair
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    whats up guy! i'm additionally asian/english - and commenced my dread adventure 'bout 7 weeks in the past... My hair became clearly thick and curly and became of a similar length to yours (even nonetheless it clearly grows as an afro - so my dreads have genuinely became out plenty longer than i assumed they might!) - yet curly hair is a brilliant benefit while it is composed of the locking technique dude! :-) you could still wash dreads - merely with a residue unfastened shampoo - and on a similar time as a brilliant number of folk use wax, i does not propose it in case you could help it! I used wax approximately thrice over the 1st 3 weeks - yet have provided that stopped - and am merely doing approximately an hours first rate palm-rolling consultation morning and evening quite... My dreads are locking up plenty greater effective provided that i finished utilising the wax - as this merely glues hair at the same time to appear as if dreads - as antagonistic to letting the hair knot up by potential of itself - that's what is going to take place with curly hair! Dreads are a adventure - it takes 'bout 9 months for them to fasten up solid n perfect - and that they are going to have solid days and undesirable days, surprisingly on the commencing up, so do not unavoidably cut back them off a million week in merely reason they don't look to be looking the type you like them too! they are going to get there! you will continually have loose hair on the roots - around an inch or so, if not a pair of inches - so which you would be left with this quantity of hair in case you merely cut back them (as you do not would desire to shave ya head thoroughly!) usual - in case you like dreads, get them - it is not important what different human beings think of because it is your head etc etc... desire that's been of help dude! :-)

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