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Math homework help, (solving equations and formulas)?

I need help with these problems,

5g+h=g, solve for g

y=mx+b, solve for m

3y+z=am, solve for y

please show me how to solve them, thanks

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    5g - g = -h

    4g = -h

    g = -h/4

    y-b = mx

    m = (y-b)/x

    3y= am - z

    y= (am-z)/3

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    4 years ago

    0<=x<=360 a)3sin2x = 3cosx 6cos(x)sin(x)=3cos(x) 6cos(x)sin(x)-3cos(x)=0 3cos(x)(2sin(x)-a million)=0 cos(x)=0 and 2sin(x)-a million=0 cos(x)=0 x=pi/2, x=3pi/2 2sin(x)-a million=0 2sin(x)=a million sin(x)=a million/2 x=pi/6, x=5pi/6 (b) 2cos2x - 3cosx +a million = 0 4cos^2(x)-2-3cos(x)+a million=0 4cos^2(x)-3cos(x)-a million=0 4cos^2(x)-3cosx-a million=0 cos(x)=a 4a^2-3a-a million=0 D=9+sixteen=25 sqrt(D)=5 a1=(3-5)/8=-a million/4 a2=(3+5)/8=a million cos(x)=a: a=a million: cos(x)=a million x=0, x=2pi a=-a million/4: cos(x)=-a million/4 x=+-arccos(-a million/4)

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