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How can i get faster?

Im a freshman is HS and play football. we run a spread and as you know the quarterback needs to be fast in that formation.(im a quarterback) should i get a trainer? or is there an exercise or stretches i can do to get faster? im open to all suggestions

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    Running is one of the greatest sports around and it has been for centuries. None of us are born to be superman. With practice, proper techniques, we all can learn how to run faster than our usual self. The key toward learning how to run faster is never to doubt yourself. You have to keep pushing and trying and you will find that in end that you will discover to how run faster naturally.

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    Well.... many confer with motorbikes (bikes) as Iron horses. I could have a rough time picking among a quick bike and a reside, quick horse. Cars are too confining.

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    take a straight bar and put as much weight on it as you think that you can handle and hold it on your shoulders, but keep your back straight or else you can hurt your back; and do some squats! trust me it helps!

    Source(s): My running ability is a lot faster than it used to be!
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