What are six reasons why people would want to start a family?

I need to know it for a paper I am doing


* Thanks for all of the answers I already had three but I was completely stuck after that.. some of your answer made me giggle though :] You answers where a huge help!!!

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    1) We had a stable marriage and felt we wanted to expand our family.

    2) We both had strong extended family ties and strong family values we felt we could give a child

    3) We both enjoyed children and knew we could provide well for them.

    4) After the first child we knew we wanted another to provide a more rounded family unit for him

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    1. Companionship. The more the merrier. More people to depend on for when times get hard and more people to enjoy good times with.

    2. Expanding the family name. Creating a legacy of your name that continues long after you're dead.

    3. Finances. Sometimes families blend because it's more affordable. For example, adult children moving back in with their parents.

    4. Some religions think that birth control is against the will of God so they do not use it. Thus, the family is likely to have more children (The Duggers are great examples).

    5. Love. Sometimes you just love someone so much that you want to create a person that is a combination of both parents.

    6. Societal expectations. Some societies frown on or judge families that have no children, whether it's by choice or not.

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    Married - or should be

    Income - they can afford to do this

    Sex - they cant get enough of it

    Age - they need to do it now

    Money - he has it she wants it

    Time - all the years you spend doing this

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    I'll give you my reason.

    We were married and happy for 9 years. We had our finances in order.....we had traveled a lot...and had a good life.

    One day I work up and my hormones had kicked in and I really wanted a baby. Happily my husband agreed......so we had our daughter.

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    its the weekend.

    i came to yahoo answers to get away from homework!

    not to continue doing homework.



    maybe u can trick me into doing ur homework.

    rephrase & repost.

    why did u have children?

    and take 6 different answers!

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    -Continue their name

    -Fill a missing void

    -Progression in their lives

    -Maternal/paternal instincts


    -Tradition/Social norm

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