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GiGi wax isn't removing the hair on my legs?

I just purchased the gigi wax and the muslim strip yesterday and tried it today and the wax only took out like six hairs. I brought the sugar bare kind of wax. Where do the people in the salons get their wax from because it seems to always remove all the hair at once, or am I doing something wrong.

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    have you done waxing before or are you a beginner. If you are just starting it will take some time to get used to it and you may need to apply more wax. The waxing kits for salons are usually ordered from online. Also i would try a different wax other than the sugar one. That one is normally designed for lighter hair areas such as eyebrows, facial...try one that indicates it's for the body.

    Source(s): part-time waxer and i wax myself sometimes
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