Can anyone help me translate this latin please, its for tomorrow?

mensae cibo optimum et vinum optimum liberaliter fundebatur. sed super lectum ubi Damocles recumbebat Dionysius gladium ingentem posuerat ut capiti eius impenderet. filium quod gladium tenebat tenuissimum erat. itaque Damocles, veritus ne subtito necaretur, per totam cenam gladium intente spectabat. adeo timebat ut cibum consumere non posset, vinum bibere nollet. tyrannum igitur tandem oravit ut sibi donum redire permitteret, *** vitam eius habere non iam nollet. intellexit enim tyrannum nihil gaudii habere *** metus ei semper impenderet

thanks :)


the *** is c u m (meaning with when translated)

Update 2:

and it also means when...

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    There are some mistakes in the Latin, but it probably goes something like this:

    the tables were copiously laid with the finest victuals and the best wines. but above the couch where damocles lay (*remember that Romans and Greeks lay down at the dinner table*) dionysius had placed a broadsword hanging above his head. the thread by which the sword hung was extremely thin. as a result damocles couldn't help staring at the sword throughout his meal - terrified that he might be killed at a moment's notice. he was so frightened that he could not bring himself to eat anything or drink any of the wine. in respect of this he pleaded with the tyrant to take back his gift, since he could not bear to live in such fashion. in this way he came to understand that a ruler is unable to take any pleasure in luxuries, since he is in constant fear of his life.

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