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So where were you when September 11th happened?

When you first realized we were under attack?


I am just curious, since it's the ten year anniversary. I just like hearing other people's stories. I was at home with my 1 year old son. My sister called me early that morning and told me to wake up and turn the news on. I live in Southern California so it was a little before 6 am for us here, when it all started.

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    Sealed off from the outside while working in a "clean room" in Western Pennsylvania. A maintenance man came into the room and told us about the planes flying into the buildings in New York and then said one crashed 20 miles away (Flight 93). He also said there were more planes in the air and we were still under attack by terrorists. A boss then came in and said we were to stay there until he found out exactly what was going on. So for another 45 minutes we stayed there working and wondering if a plane would come crashing in on us, we felt trapped at the time and complained about not knowing what was happening.

    Later when I got home, turned on the news, and saw what happened to the people in the Trade Towers I found out what being trapped really was and felt foolish for complaining at work. The next day at work my co-workers said they felt the same way after seeing what happened on the news.

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    I was 7 and I lived in Southern California too

    As you know, because of the time difference, we didn't go to school. I remember waking up and wondering why I was still at home. I thought my mom had chosen to let my younger cousins and I play hookey. I sat up and listened, but all I could hear was the television, which was strange.

    I went out into the hall, and saw that my aunt was up, which was stranger because she worked nights.

    I walked in and saw my cousins seated quietly which was even stranger. I looked at the tv and saw a replay of the second tower being hit.

    I asked so many questions "Is this real? Was it an accident? Are there people in there? How are they going to fix this?"

    Even being so young, I knew this was serious.

    My mom stopped answering my questions and told me to hush. So I sat and watched so I could find out for myself.

    And the south tower fell.

    I remember the sense of dread that sank into all of us

    We watched in greater horror as north tower fell

    And I thought it was the end of the world. I was terrifed, especially with the speculation in the news about attacks to California.

    I learned a new word that day. Terrorism. I didn't understand how someone could hate so much. I still do not.

    And every year I still cry for those people, those poor people who never stood a chance.

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