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Thinking of going to limerick institute of technology someone tell me about student life there ?

young black male who doesn't wanna go to dublin cause its expensive. Like how`s the night life the student population in limerick? is it a multicultural county? is it expensive to live in compared to dublin ?

thanks in advance !

p.s don't talk about crime and that don't wanna hear that

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    Limerick is great, and there is LESS crime there than in Dublin.

    Because Limerick has several third-level educational institutions, there's a high student population and the night life is great. However, swings and roundabouts - while the cost of living and rents are cheaper than Dublin, and it's a smaller city too, having such a great nightlife can make the cost of living that bit higher ....

    I would say that the city is slightly more multicultural than the county.

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    Limerick City is the capital of the county of Limerick - LIT is sited in the city, not the county

    I can't really tell you much but my brother attended & he had a good time, he's white & Irish so not all of his experience is relevant

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