How do I schedule an appointment for the biometrics in Ciudad Juarez online?

I already have my interview appt set up.. Im just trying to set up the biometrics appt. Im stuck on this:

"Based on your selection, it appears that the applicant has been asked by the Consular Section to schedule an appointment for the immigrant visa consular interview.

If action is not taken on the application within one year, it will be assumed that it was abandoned and will be terminated.

Please do not schedule an appointment for an interview unless the applicant has been informed by the Consular Section that an interview has been authorized. If the applicant is not sure whether an interview has been authorized, please use the Contact Us option at the top of this Web page to submit an inquiry. The inquiry must include a valid email address and phone number, along with the case number and the applicant's full name. If there are multiple members of the family, you must include the case number for each applicant."

But i already have the interview appt, should i continue?

3 Answers

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