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Good cameras that take picture AND video?

I'm looking to buy a camera that is very good and can take pictures and hd video.

I don't want a basic one, I want one more like the Canon T3i (but a little cheaper if possible). As long as it can take GREAT pictures and hd video (both, not just one) and is under about...600 dollars, thats great. Thanks. 10 pts best answer.

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    Nikon D3100 Review

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    The Canon 5157B002 includes the EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera and the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS type II Lens. This camera and lens is perfect for photographers ready to make the move to digital SLR photography. The EOS Rebel T3 delivers beautiful photos and video, speed, simplicity and fun. It features a 12.2 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor and Canon DIGIC 4 Image Processor for richly detailed images and quick camera response. It has Canon's amazing 63-zone, dual-layer metering for accurate exposures and features Canon's Basic+ function, HD video recording and Live View shooting, plus a convenient in-camera Feature Guide.

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    The D3100 was introduced in early fall of 2010. One thing not particularly hyped by Nikon, but definitely needing to be talked about, is the fact that the D3100 comes with a Nikon designed and Nikon produced sensor, the first time that's happened with a DX format DSLR.

  • You could buy the Canon Rebel T3, the Nikon D3100 or D5000 or the Pentax k-r.

    They are all arround the price you asked for.

    Hope that helped.

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    The Canon Rebel T3 would probably be what you're looking for. Great picture quality (as long as the photographer knows what they're doing, of course) and it can record videos in 720p. It's going for $550 right now at B&H.

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